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TrackMania Forever—Top Class Multiplayer Gaming


For those who have been enjoying Hot Wheels as a child, TrackMania Nations Forever has been seeking to deliver a different experience for the die cast car lovers. If regular racing games aren't your cup of tea, consider this multitude of fantasy tracks packed with ramps, loops, and jumps to keep you on the edge of your seat.


Game Highlights


First and foremost, the beauty of this game that it is utterly and entirely free. As was the previous installment of the game, which was a stripped down version of the series created for the Electronic Sports World Cup. However, Track Mania Nations Forever is also a free add-on for the most recent release, TrackMaina United.


TrackMania Nations Forever brings in 65 new stadium tracks that are all available for solo and multiplayer gaming. Packed with a fully integrated system, players with Nations can race on the Nations-specific tracks and race against people who have the game.




TrackMania games are all about flinging zippy cars around some of the wildest and most exciting tracks. It’s all about pure fun, combined with precision driving. And since the addition of United to the list, it's about being better at the track than any player around the world.


Additional Features


The past game's big catch was its online play that allows players to play the game both offline and offline. By beating lap times around the world, players can rank alongside other participants.


Another addition that stands out is the instant restart function. If you make a mistake, you can simply press enter and return to the last checkpoint. It all transpires quickly that you won't even notice that it happened. The split-second restart also ensures that you'll be playing until your fingers fall off.


The track editor offers another tremendous opportunity for players to spend more time gaming. Race to beat the best times in tracks that range from just a few seconds to several minutes, without worrying about the other cars, since they're all ghost cars.




So if you wish to download TrackMania Nations Forever, expect loads of fun as you zip through new tracks in five difficulty bands. The game is one of the best examples in the free-to-play arena, offering extremely addictive gameplay with an unparalleled multiplayer mode that allows for outstanding player interaction.


The colossal community, composed of millions of players from various parts of the globe, will be able to play online against players that use the game's retail version.


More than just a racing game, TrackMania Nations Forever is a unique title that brings against the clock racing and competition like no other.







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