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Michael Jackson O2 concerts, September 2009



Michael Jackson is the best.


I can not find better words for Michael Jackson after the third month of performances. These concerts are amazing. The best concert according to the rates on the mjo2game website is the Michael Jackson O2 concert, September 23rd. People are talking about special affect which they haven’t seen on other concerts during the month of September.


Yes, there are lucky Michael Jackson fans, with more than one ticket only. This 23rd concert was the best Michael Jackson O2 concert so far and parts of it are already on YouTube. I can't believe people are taking video camera to the concerts since I have seen the security and the searches in the fans' bags.


After so many concerts and all the discussion going around the amazing performances, Michael never cease to astonish us all. Fans from all over the world and people who likes the idea of live show are saying with no doubt that the 23rd was the best Michael Jackson O2 concert, It doesn’t mean that in 2010 we will not see better ones :)


After the last September O2 shows, the concerts are taking a break to refill the engines and gather new powers before the year of 2010. Two more months of incentive shows are on the way and Michal, his band, the dancers, the singers, the stage workers, soundman's, light mans and all the people around need this break to breathe. See you all in January 2010.










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