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Michael Jackson O2 concerts, February 2010




The last month of the O2 concerts has arrived and Michael Jackson is running on the stage as if he started just yesterday. It's amazing to see the concerts, one by one, being a great success. The only bad one if you can call it bad was during August, with the famous fault. During the month of February, ten more shows are going to take place, same time, same place, same great Michael Jackson.


Most of the tickets for the last February concerts are sold as VIP Michael Jackson tickets. These tickets were the first ones to be sold in the pre selling and the higher ones to be sold on the internet during the concerts in the previous months. Fans with the VIP Michael Jackson concerts tickets are enjoying the live show experience of their lives.


These premium seats are available on the internet today, few weeks before the concerts themselves for proximally 4000 and includes a whole package of closer raw, first blocks, Champagne, red carpet, a bag, parking place and some more. This is it, this is what I call VIP ticket and I will be ready to pay for it too, however no more tickets left.


The last concerts are on the next few days and Michael Jackson O2 concerts, for February 2010 are about to end. People will talk and remember this O2 series of shows for ever, were you there?










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