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Michael Jackson - Rest in peace.

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Michael Jackson O2 concerts, August 2009



Even since I wrote the words on April this year, I'm sure, like all Michael Jackson fans and music fans around the world that the concerts on July were amazing.


Some rumors about Michael Jackson health have raised up to the air, people are saying Michael is exhausted from the concerts in July. Nothing will stop Michael Jackson O2 concerts on August 2009.

We do not believe these rumors and we all hope he will feel good and continue to make these amazing performances. Michael Jackson is a hero, he is kind of a god, he can not feel not good and he can not be sick, he is healthy like a bull and in spite of everything people are saying, Michael Jackson will continues to stand on his two legs and dance like hell, in the O2 concerts.


And so, now that one month only is over, there is no doubt about Michael Jackson's health. Forget about what you have heard, show will go on. After eleven concert in July, there are now ten more during the month of August, its a high rhythm of the concerts. The last concert during August will take place in the O2 Arena of course and two days after, Michael Jackson will be performing the September concerts.


There is no health issue to stop the concerts and no other reason why it will not continue. Michael Jackson is healthy and will go on with the tour plan.


Personally, I have replaced my August O2 ticket to one in January; I prefer to go to a later concert after all the "study" time will be over. Like all, im looking forward to the greatest concert of them all. Go Michael.










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