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Michael Jackson - Rest in peace.

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Michael Jackson's Unmatched Fame and Influence



There is no question that Michael Jackson is one of the most influential artists of the 20th century. The dedication he brings in alongside his keen attention to detail allowed him to formulate some of the most moving songs of all time. Truly, with him being branded as a pop star, plenty of sophisticated ears out there are guaranteed to raise questions.

For some, musicians of the 20th century have produced more impact than any other artist. This is where Michael Jackson created a name for himself. A majority of his performances overshadowed other artists, but at the same time, he inspired fellow musicians with his creations.

Despite being able to perform to a certain degree unattainable to many, Michael Jackson possessed the ability to express his talents in different ways that no one had done before. He was something else, and he was way ahead of his time during his reign. With the aid of Quincy Jones, Michael Jackson’s musical career made him an unavoidable influence from his followers like Madonna, Bobby Brown, and even later pop stars like Usher and Justin Timberlake.

Jackson electrified audiences like no other. However, his true canvas remains to be the video screen. Above all, he is considered to be the first televisual entertainer. From his childhood moments with the Jackson 5 all the way to his crossover to the Motown special, to a tabloid fever, Jackson lived and died for on TV. He was raised on it.

He produced music and television hits like nobody. It was a new art form. His live performances were typically composed of the following elements: song, dance, and energy not a single person can even come close to.

Furthermore, his death strengthened his establishment as a legend. Various communities continue to praise his work while others are still trying to imitate or at least derive components from various Michael Jackson hits that act as inspiration for a new cosmos of music.

Undoubtedly, his most astonishing achievement other than music and dance was his fame. He was the focal point of global adulation, even in remote areas that have never seen the light of Western pop culture. One of the many pieces of evidence left behind is the Brace Yourself montage.

Michael Jackson was a man who had a one-of-a-kind perspective on music and life itself. He saw the increasingly interconnected world and provided it with music to share—alongside the hopes of improving each other’s’ lives with it. He spoke across languages and nations, pre-empting the global culture nations share today.








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