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Michael Jackson - Rest in peace.

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Michael Jackson's Health Problems



Lately, there are more and more rumors surrounding around the potential cancer Michael Jackson carries in his body are on the internet. Articles are discussing Michael Jackson health problems such as face cancer, which fears the pop star a lot, since his face is not 100% connected, and skin problems. This cancer is an awful disease and we all hope that Michael Jackson is fine and will feel better with time.


Thousands of Michael Jackson fans around the world have bought tickets to the O2 Arena concerts. No health problems will stop the show from going on and Michael Jackson himself is very enthusiastic to perform these 50 concerts starting July. Michael Jackson’s 50 concerts are already sold out and we all know that four of them, the first four of all Michael Jackson 50 concerts, were canceled already.


The last thing Michael Jackson wants, is to let anything, even if it’s a serious health problems from cancelling more of the 50 concerts. He does not want to let his millions of fans down and will do anything he can to go on and perform. According to a reliable source regarding Michael Jackson health problems, the pop star already removed a cancer cell from his face and another one from his arm. "Michael Jackson 50 concerts are in danger since MJ is thinking about his health first and his fans after", said the source.


As Michael Jackson fans, we all pray for two things. First thing is that Michael Jackson health problems will go away and he will feel better as soon as possible. Second thing, we all want to see some of the 50 concerts and we hope no other concerts will be canceled. Michael Jackson is a hero for us, for many other fans around the world. Most of the fans are planned to watch MJ in the TV and some lucky ones, about 30,000 per each of the 50 concerts, are planned to watch him live.










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