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Michael Jackson - Rest in peace.

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Michael Jackson's Cancer



This is a new report regarding Michael Jackson Cancer. As we all read in the newspapers and in the internet, Michael Jackson does carry some serious health problems and already canceled the first four concerts.


Michael Jackson Cancer and other skin problems are a big issue to his health. Michael Jackson was born black and becoming whiter every day, this is not new. His mental health is not as was before since the days he was forced to leave Neverland estate. The glory and the big times of the days he was the Number #1 Pop star in the world are already gone and these 50 concerts were his comeback plan. Michael Jackson Cancer and skin problems disrupt all the plans he had.


Face cancer and some other cell in his arm, were in the news. Face cancer and cancer cells in Michael Jackson nose and other parts have made it to the top news. Since his recent operation, Michael Jackson Cancer doctor said that he is recovering and already feeling better. The big fear was that Michael Jackson will go on the stage in one of his 50 concerts and will fall apart live. If we are talking about face cancer, the situation is not good as well, MJ is suffering from this skin cancer and his look may be harm.


As for his plans these days, Michael Jackson canceled four of the O2 Arena concerts, these four shows moves to the end of the tour, somewhere in the end of March 2010. The fact that the start of the tour was delayed is actually good new regarding Michael Jackson health , since the bad news could be totally canceling the tour. This way or another, the most important thing is that Michael Jackson Cancer will be gone and the Pop star will fell better for his personal life and for his fans in the O2 Arena concerts. The health of the start is the number one thing we all worried about.










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