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Top 3 Free Online Games of 2016


There is no question that gaming can get really expensive once a person gets hooked. Fourth generation consoles, gaming computers, and even portable gaming devices can get very pricey nowadays. However, once you establish or purchase a rig of your own, the amount of games available out there is immense. Sure, to play the newest AAA console smash, you have to reach deep into your pockets to play the game, but there's a different avenue for thrift players out there.


As well as a colossal list of free-to-play online games that capture the attention of gamers around the globe, there are scores of freeware titles that no play—avid or beginner—should miss. Everyone from EA to the smallest game developing company has something in store for you.


It isn't just new titles that are in attendance either. Some of the greatest titles introduced to ever emerge in the gaming world are not free to own and can be played on various platforms. There's even a hint of early browser-based games that that sparked Internet gaming across nations.


Here are three of the best free online games available for desktop computers, gaming consoles, and other mediums:




Of course, Defense of the Ancients is a title that is possible known in any part of the world now. The Dota universe entered the realm of gaming with the help of Warcraft 3, but Dota exhibits another kind of entity that will eventually bring thrills and joy among gamers.


This top-down arena battler is immensely exciting, attracting multi-million dollar prizes for tournament players. However, this game was created to be enjoyed by both casual and professional players.


Star Wars: The Old Republic


Taking possession of the original Star Wars Galaxies MMORPG in 2011 is Star Wars: The Old Republic. Although it did not enter the market as a free game, it is now readily available for anyone to revel in. Those who want to journey through galaxies as a Jedi are guaranteed to get a kick out of this game. It's definitely worth the download, especially those who want to indulge in the Star Wars universe from various angles.


Subscriptions are still available, giving interested parties more in-game potential.


Forza Motorsport 6 Apex


When Xbox head Phil Spencer mentioned that he was going to bring the most popular Xbox racing game to the PC, he wasn't kidding.


Neglected by autosport enthusiasts and embraced by gamers, Forza Motorsport may seem like a mixture of both arcade and simulator, which is what the creators were gunning for in the first place. Despite its arcade feel, it embodied superb features nonetheless.


Forza Apex in particular, while not a 100% game due to its prominently presented Beta status in the Windows Store, is a free-to-play installment of its Xbox 360 and Xbox one counterparts. On top of this, with a 4k-ready desktop computer, the game bestows elements of revolutionary gaming rather than a watered down racing game.







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