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Michael Jackson - Rest in peace.

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Concert Schedule



This is it! the time has come. Michael Jackson is back on stage starting July 8th 2009. Michael Jackson is about to perform 50 times at the O2 Arena. These amazing series of concerts are to end at February 24th the year after. Tickets are already running out breaking records in sales. Each concert can hold up to 23,000 fans and there are more than one millions tickets to be sold. Eventually Michael Jackson is expected to be about 250 Million Pounds richer.


Here is the O2 arena concert schedule:


July 09 August 09 September 09   January 10 February 10
Jul 8th Aug 1st Sep 1st   Jan 7th Feb 1st
Jul 10th Aug 3rd Sep 3rd   Jan 9th Feb 3rd
Jul 12th Aug 10th Sep 6th   Jan 12th Feb 8th
Jul14th Aug 12th Sep 8th   Jan 14th Feb 10th
Jul 16th Aug 17th Sep 10th   Jan 16th Feb 12th
Jul 18th Aug 19th Sep 21th   Jan 18th Feb 16th
Jul 22nd Aug 24th Sep 23rd   Jan 23rd Feb 18th
Jul 24th Aug 26th Sep 29th   Jan 27th Feb 22nd
Jul 28th Aug 30th     Jan 29th Feb 24th
Jul 30th          











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