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About Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson is a living legend.


With no doubt, the biggest pop star of the early and mid 1980's, the most played artist of all times and one of the main celebrities in the world wide music industry.

Michael Jackson started singing at the age of 11, with his older brothers but began his amazing solo carrier during his time at the family band.

His first records such as "of the wall", "dangerous" and others have became top sellers and were played over and over again on the radio stations.


During his life, he knew many ups and down, his carrier and personal life followed by millions around the world. The unique dancing style, Child abuse accusation, box office hit concerts, marriage, second marriage, the life at the huge palace and every step in his life were taped and recorded.


Not an easy life after all. Lately we didn’t hear about Michael Jackson but now he is back, big time. 50 concerts at one of the biggest concert arenas in the UK will make more than 1,000,000 Michael Jackson fans - happier.  


About The Michael Jackson O2 Game


When we first heard Michael Jackson is about to perform 50 (!) shows we were stunned. As the Michael Jackson fans we are, we were following Michael Jackson's health condition over the years and we had our doubts about being able to pull out 50 concerts.


So we decided to develop this game and let the world decide whether Michael Jackson is capable of performing all concerts.


We hope you'll enjoy playing the game and appreciate you spreading the word about it.







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