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Catch the falling Michael Jackson body parts and re-attach them to the right place. If you managed to survive the stage you will move on to the next concert in the series of 50 concerts.



Michael Jackson is falling apart during the "This is it!" come back concerts, Play now and watch!





"Michael Jackson has passed the required medical tests so he can perform this summer in London. Jackson — I can tell you exclusively— has no looming diseases or any other physical ailments that would prevent him from getting insurance or making his commitment to AEG Live for 10-30 shows this year."

Fox News - Tuesday, March 03, 2009

 June 5th - Michael Jackson's concert in question. Due to the Medical condition of Michael Jackson, it is not known whether the artist will hold the series of concerts on schedule. ; May 21st 2009: Michael Jackson postponed the first few concerts in his series of o2 arena come back shows. This is due to his medical condition which requires immediate treatment.    May 20th 2009: According to the British Sun Magazine, Michael Jackson is suffering from skin cancer. There's no confirmation for that report from the Michael Jackson side and the concerts are scheduled to go on as planned.


Free online game to save Michael Jackson!


The most exciting Michael Jackson game, out of all O2 Arena concerts games, is the funny mjo2game. This game is brought to you with our love to Michael Jackson games and with the respect of playing his songs to you.


Read about the latest Michael Jackson Health Problems and Michael Jackson Cancer which is currently on the news!


Michael Jackson is performing 50 concerts at the O2 Arena, starting the O2 concerts July 2009. The last concert on this tour titled "This is it" is the last of all O2 concerts, February 2010. These amazing concerts will demand the entire Michael Jackson staff and him, to be prepared and healthy for the shows, in order to complete them all. We would like of course, that Michael Jackson health will be perfectly healthy all the way. Even after the "This Is It" concerts.


Fans around the world are still unsure about the Michael Jackson playlist for the concerts, since there is no such list yet. For sure, the best Michael Jackson O2 concert will be the one with the most famous songs he ever made, including the old albums. If you still do not have a ticket to the concerts, or if you are still looking for a VIP Michael Jackson tickets, please note that the time has come, tickets are sold out. If you are looking to buy some tickets, please contact us, we can help with some additional Michael Jackson tickets to the concerts.


If you are going to see Michal Jackson live at the O2 Arena stadium, we are sure it will be one of the best moments of your life. These concerts are going to be something else! Michal Jackson is going to perform, like nobody else can but him.

GO Michael!


It is still unclear whether Michael Jackson fans would get a ticket refund. Almost one million fans would like to get their money back for ticket purchased for the show. Rumors are that michael jackson fans will not get their money back or some sort of refund however there's other rumors saying that a tribute concert will be in place and fans will be invited to these tribute concerts instead of a ticket refund. If you are a ticket owner and would like to get your money back, contact us we might be able to help you.


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Michael Jackson - Rest in peace.

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